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Memory Care & Support

Silver Comet recognizes life as a journey. It is our passion to support the quest for wellness, joy, and fulfillment in your loved one’s journey, every day!

Our Alzheimer’s and dementia care team recognizes that individuals who are experiencing memory loss require extra care and attention. We provide care tailored to fulfill each individual’s needs. This lifestyle approach fosters independence and contributes to a feeling of daily success for the resident.

Room Features

  • Private Studio and Companion Floor Plans Designed to Enhance Resident Comfort and Success
  • Kitchenette with Granite Counter and Refrigerator
  • Large Bathroom with Stepless Shower and Built-In Shower Bench
  • Ample Closet Space and Storage
  • Individual Climate Control
  • Utilities Included (Cable and Phone are Extra)

Memory Care & Support Amenities

  • Secure Outdoor Courtyard for Gardening Opportunities and Outdoor Walks
  • Interior Entrance to Memory Support Neighborhood for Comfort and Security
  • Flowing Neighborhood Layout Affords a Spacious Feel and Enhances Watchful Oversight
  • Blended Multipurpose Space Provides a Socially Engaging Gathering Place for Purposeful Activities & Passive Fellowship
  • Interior Courtyard Furnished with Natural Light and Easy Outdoor Access
  • Beauty Salon / Barber Shop Located within Memory Support Neighborhood

—     A Better Approach to Memory Loss     —

Professional Support

Cognitive changes can bring new and often confusing challenges. We understand that a person living with dementia is doing the best they can; it is our job to tailor our responses to their needs.

By understanding their journey, our memory care team can create a relationship of trust and understanding with each resident and deliver care “with” them, not “to” them.

We know that every day is different, so we create a relationship “in the moment” and let go of yesterday.

At Silver Comet Village, strive to surprise and delight our residents with opportunities for sensory engagement to encourage connection with the environment and people around them.

We acknowledge that part of finding success for a person living with dementia is built around robust education and support of their family and loved ones. We honor that through educational opportunities, monthly support groups and regular family reviews of resident care and service needs.

We Make Connections Through


Taking Time

Taking time to understand where a person is in the moment and doing things with the person, not to the person, in meeting their daily needs.


People living with dementia experience changes daily in their abilities and perceptions of the world around them. It is our job to be ever vigilant and aware of those changes, so we can adjust our approach to each resident.


Understanding who a person is, their family, hobbies, priorities, life achievements, even their goals, and dreams, can help us create an experience that honors their own sense of self.


Collaboration with family, service providers and staff will enable us, as a support team, to create a comprehensive plan to maximize a resident’s health and success in daily living.

Helping Hands

By utilizing “Positive Approach to Care” techniques, we can utilize our own hands in a supportive, non-threatening, and guiding way, to create positive outcomes in challenging circumstances.


We understand the importance of educating and training our staff so they’re confident and competent when interacting and supporting residents living with dementia. We also know that families often benefit from educational and supportive opportunities to help them navigate the challenges that caring for a person living with dementia can pose.


The act of working together to help one another is the keystone to what we do. Our memory support neighborhood is a place where the whole of what we do is the sum of all the parts coming together and creating something beautiful.

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